BooOoty Queeens

By now I think people know that I absolutely LOVE to Mis-spell !! this “Boooty” is actually “Beauty” and NOT the american dictionary meaning ( which is boo·ty2 (bt) ) n. pl. boo·ties 1. Slang. The buttocks. Actually there are worse meanings!Eekss..Oh no now I’m going to get hits involving THIS word tooo!! Not that I am complaining 😉 ) So anyways, we’ve all heard the saying Beauty is only skin deep and belonging to the “pretty plain-looking” (not pretty ..;) ) category , I am all for it. Clubbed with the fact that I am really mirror-shy (as in I dont like to scare myself looking at the mirror too often), If I count the number of booty products I own, I amaze myself. Although I only have 1 “face” cream (thanks to my boyfriend working in HLL and his “marketing” skills :)) vs 2 foot creams, 4 body lotions, 2 handcreams , 4 nail polishes and 2 Nice smelling Powder dabbas (okie Wake uPp..wont bore you with more items on da list :D). It actually looks like I think people stare more at my hand and feeet than at my face!!! Neways, Compare this to the number of “educative” books or time I spend doing “intellectual” stuff and Booty Is the Clear Winner!!(Oh pls note that I am not quantifying the time I spend “beautifying”, since for “mirror-shy” ppl like me, that lasts for like 3 secs/day , excluding the bathing time ..(Happy Sindhu? 😉 !) Oh while I am on the topic of mirror-shy people, there is this other category of people, who love looking at themselves on every possible reflective surface on earth.Right from car windows (sometimes even shiny cars will do!) to kitchen vessels to switched off TV screens to helmets ..Basically ANYthing that remotely reflects light ! Pretty Cute n Berii funny..I wish I could be as tolerant of myself as them!! hehe..


Me In some country

I even have this strange thought sometimes. I know I am no “classic Indian beauty” or watever.But I sometimes wistfully hope for SOME country in this world, where gaunt cheeks , sunken eyes , rounded ugly nose (you know the works) are actually worshipped as beauty 🙂 Neways my point is (actually there is NO point but still gotta say it :D), WHY are we obssessed with this? I’ve actuallly had “serious” discussions over which part of my face I need to get “altered” by a plastic surgeo Or if there is some way I could get my height to 5″9 and then go on to become a model ,since the rest of the thigns are “alterable” nehow ;)!!! Is it actually a female-hormone thingy( hey wait, I know plenty of guys who use Fair n Lovely :D)? Or is it because of the encouragement we get from the male species? They tend to disregard other qualities most of the time anyways (Okay No anti-feminist comments allowed 😉 ) Yup so I blame it on them. We probably would spend more time reading “Pi : A Source Book” than buying those foot creams, if any one cared to discuss THAT right? Anyways, all this said, I still think its not evil to care about how you look..I mean when someone says “Looking Good” , doesnt it just make your day?? (or do U , like me, look back to see if they are talking to someone else ? 😉 ) hehe..So 3 cheers for superficiality and the momentary happiness that comes with it;)

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12 responses to “BooOoty Queeens

  1. Wow do u think of all these topics to rite shud get sm inspiration from u…Atul “sold” a cream to u? He shud b getting u free samples now 😉

  2. Abii..He dint “sell” it to me..he recommended “Fair n Lovely” to me quite a lot..;)..its apparently Almost RUNNING HLL!! hahaa..

    And Anand..U actually read my blog! touchedd..and well yeah everyone wants to be Admired..but men arent as obsessed as women..or are they??? 🙂

  3. hey gural…finally wrote the booty blog..haha…..u have an affinity for kinky words..don u :P….i have seen guys obsessed with beauty too man…here..u get to see a lot of such ppl…nothing is natural anymore…sigh…all these boootiful ppl must be luking scary without make up…lol..

  4. dude…you dont know how many people in our hall used fair and lovely ;),…it is an obsession with becoming fair…..and for some reason the better we look , the better we feel about ourselves and vice versa…its all psychological…..heheh i went to little india in LA and guess what i saw as “indian” commodity…fair and lovely and fair and handsome creams….

  5. ///And Anand..U actually read my blog! touchedd..
    Oh you know that feeling?? sometimes we get too bored to do anything and don’t want to do anything but just pass time 😀
    Anyway how did you find it was me?? Or do you know only one anand?? Or are you still not sure of which anand is it?? 🙂

    /// well yeah everyone wants to be Admired..but men arent as obsessed as women..or are they??? 🙂
    Well the difference is usually in what aspect? Based on the upbringing, different people want to be admired for different skills.
    Ever checked out most of the stable relationships?? Both of them would be admiring each other. Well not always, but almost.
    That is the reason for Opposites attract too. Don’t we admire things we don’t have???

    Oops been too heavy…. Sorry.

  6. Hey just got an inspiration and checked out booty in webster’s dictionary. It says plenty, so was wondering about the how the meaning came about. 😀
    well we got a plenty of muscle or should i say flesh?? Is that the reason?? Any takers or any contenders??? welcome :-))

  7. Awesome stuff again Charu!!.. girls and their cosmetic histrionics :).. bootiful post.. i’d say :D.

    And why are things going so wrong with Arsenal in EPL this season 😦

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