Its very rare that I do remember dreams, but there’s one pretty common occurance in the ones that I do remember. Whatever terrible situations I undergo, I always come out alive..n kickinggg!! Two days back, I was hit by a bus and there I was hanging to the front of the bus, ordering the driver to stop the bus immediately and I dint have a single scratch on my body.And another common one is falling from a really tall building (which usually translates to my falling from the bed!) , but thing is, I always land on my two feet like I’ve jumped from a chair or something and wasnt even the least “bruised”. Once I was even shot at by militants and Yet Again I proved to be invincible by not feeling anything from all those bullets. A very logical conclusion from all these is that……… I am SUPERWOMAN!! Hehhe :D..Somewhere on my body is that hidden “S” symbol which signifies that I am meant to take over the worldddd ..heehaa ha (Evil Laughter 😉 )..Alritee I admit I’ve been watching tooo much of Smallville!! So neways Jokes apart, I am hoping they mean that “subconsciously” I am a really strong person and can come out of trying situations..:)..I read somewhere that “falling” signifies the loss of control in my waking life.Hmm..yeah its probably true..(Or do you think I should go for the Super Woman Interpretation and actually give a shot at jumping off some building?? ;)).

Oh and on a similar note, I have also had dreams of a huge adventure involving a lot of machine guns, a cliff, a hard fall to the sea, waves chasing me, me emerging victorious and saving a lot of lives..etc etc. Again, “subconsciously” (I dont know when these “subconscious” things will actually surface outt!!) ,I probably like being “Da Hero” ..taking credit for “helping” other people or something.

And then there was a time, when Salman Khan did not find a place to stay in the whole of chennai (I actually had this dream some 8 years back)and came visiting Me to my house!!! :D..Well, after some deeeeeeeep thinking,I spose I really want Salman khan to come visit me ;)( Phew That was difficult to figure out Huh? :D)

Oh and till some 3-4 months back (when I was Still in the “student” phase ..mentally..not Actually :D!!),I used to get millions of dreams where I reach late to the examination hall and end up failing my exams or getting lost in the school and not finding the exam hall (Again leading to a F grade!)..I used to feeel sooo relieved (almost bordering on ecstasy!) to know it was just a dream.This I believe is quite common with a lot of people. Isnt e’one afraid of “failing”?? Be it academically, professionally or even personally…I guess we are all afraid of being judged and are probably low on confidence. Probably the fact that I dont get these dreams anymore indicates I’ve grown in confidence..(While we are at it, let me tell you I have never recd a “F” grade – dont want to miss an opportunity to remind people of how smart I am..ahem…COUghhhhhh)

One more category of dreams I get (a more recent development) involves my boyfriend’s relatives!!( Even though I haven’t really “MET” them) I am always in the midst of a lot of his relatives and They all cant seem to stop raving about me plus I seem to be at total ease with all of them..hehhee..These belong to the category of dreams where you get up and are totally bummed out that it was just a dream. Anyways guess it shows how much I want to “gel”..(This dream “interpretation business is quite simple , wat say??? )

Okay remembering dreams doesnt seem much of a rare occurance does it???? I am enjoying this investigation into dreams..One of my close friends (Name withheld on request 😉 hehe), dreamed of coming naked to school and people whispering behind her about it and making fun of her . So I figured she is probably really conscious of herself and lives in fear of getting embarassed or is probably “hiding” something from the world..(Okie close friend, am i crapping too much?? 🙂 )

So thats all I have. I would love to hear other “categories” of dreams so that I can pass some more time trying to interpret them ;)..

Okiee..I Just found this dream interpretation site !! DreamMoods ..How cool..

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5 responses to “Dream..Dream..Dreamer..

  1. Well may be the dreams just show wat you want at the subconscious mind. Maybe you just want to be the superwoman at the subconscious mind level (he hee heee :-))

  2. :)) ..i think the superwoman fantasy comes from the trekking and other heroic acts of yours.
    have u had those jumbled dreams where u see colleagues from work or school classmates in the college setting and those where ppl keep tranforming from one to another.
    btw , I don’t remember seeing my own face ever in my dreams :D. why?

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