How I Spent Y’Day

15th of August –> The day we attained freedom from the Britishers long back in 1947 (and more importantly a holiday!).I dont really consider it “Independence” in the real sense.I believe in getting freedom from Corruption and Nepotism and inefficiency and the other “isms” and ‘icies” we all exhibit ,as the REAL freedom.But still, it is a day to show-off that latent patriotism (other than when India plays cricket and Wins 😉 or when we watch movies like Swades). I do enjoy the sight of our flags flying around in every corner and the little boys selling tricolored badges to e’one at the traffic signals.

To show my patriotism, I decided to go attend the Flag Hoisting ceremony in our building. We had a mini army marching in a space of 5 meters and doing all those left turns and about turns and all that.I never knew we had So many security guards!! Then the very important Flag hoisting and flowers falling thingy took place (Sniff..I always get sento looking at our flag being hoisted like that..Vandee Mattaaaraamm..Ahemm).This was followed by a mini fancy dress competition ( “mini” because there were just 2 kids doing the act!).It was 8:00 in the morning so neither the kiddos nor their parents had the “tempo”!The rest of the programme(the next 10 min that is) was filled with the usual “patriotic” songs and national anthem and all that.. I then proceeded for the most awaited portion of any Independece /Republic Day celebration -> Collecting and Eating the Moti chooor Laddooo..slurp..(Okay Now you know why i really went for the ceremony! :D) After this brave display of patriotism, I decided to call people and wish them a berii happy independence day which wasnt appreciated all that much..ahem..I still wonder why people call 8:30 as early morning??? Weirdos..hmpphhhh..This was the patriotic bit of the day :D..

I spent the rest of the day doing mundane things –

  • A 45 minute “steam” bath..gosh it was frigging hot in there!! Those 45 minutes gave me a head ache the rest of the dayy..Ughhhh..

  • Watched XMen2..How I wish I had some mutant special powers..snifff..Why Godd whyyyyy did you make me boring?!!
  • We Also celebrated Janmaastami..which for me is akin eating those amazing “cheedais” Drooool…Oh and which is preceded by some puja for lord Krishnaa..:D

So that brings us to the end of my ramblings for the day..

Wait…Just a thought –> do I really have to HAVE something to say in posts?? Nehowwwww With this one, i prove otherwise ;)..

..Oh and thanks Sush for being an inspiration for this post 😉 hehehe…

And can I forget beshhtest friend..who btw has started her “novel” in her blog..Gotta check it out..

Orcie’s Blog

Just saw this video online of the “Barista” coffee and how they produce ART in it..Gotta see it’s the link

Kewl Video

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2 responses to “How I Spent Y’Day

  1. I always have a flag on my office desk :).. and i love attending flag hoisting ceremonies.. and not just for the sweets :P.. and your blog rocks .. again 🙂

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