What Sells Best ???

There’s this one thing really cool about WordPress.com. It shows me “search strings” that people use to arrive at my blog…

Here are some of them :

The MOST popular search terms invovle ” neha bamb “, “amit tandon” and “indian idol ” (which appears in my post Indian Idol BLECHH – that would be a puking sound ) ..Would be quite a disappointing End to their search I believe!

Here’s the latest string — “Moronic Blog” ..sigh :(..sadly I am the Second link appearing on google with this..Just because of my title..sob sob..

Another slightly weird search by a not-too-normal person — “haaa heee haaa meee” ?? What was he/she hoping to find with this neways???
And there’s— “how much sud u drink a day?“..Got them here because of their Bad Spelling! But seriously..Someone wants the internet to advice them on how much to drink? Weird! But who Am i to speak? I’ve searched for How to kick start a scooter!!! 😉

Oh and that reminds me, I am not the only loser to search for “How to kick start a scooter“..There was someone else who did that and ended up at my blog..yayy..mebbe I should put up a post on the How To’s..hmmm

Then there are the normal (read boring) ones “Thierry Henry” , ” Raindrops and Roses” , “River Rafting“..etc etc..
For the Grand Finale, there are these really weird strings . 2 of which are —“Indian aunties showing pictures” and “India Uncensored Movies“! Gosh its almost like I have a “porn” blog..eeeks!!!

Here’s to weirder and more amusing searches by More and more strange and funny people!! Cheeers
PS : For those affected by the whole Imbecility of the Govt’s ban on Blogs , here’s a link on how to bypass it.

Bypass The Ban LINK
My favourite is a site called www.hidemyass.com (I just love that name hehehe)

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3 responses to “What Sells Best ???

  1. Really funny! I have some more search suggestions 😀 :

    1. how to drive away a small/new-born lizard
    2. how to drive away a big lizard
    3. how to make paneer tikka at home.
    4. some low-fat TASTY recipes
    5. how to get published 😉

    enough now !

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