Di Nuovo A Noia

The title required considerable effort on Language Tools in Google ( Yess..Me lovesss google ๐Ÿ˜› ). So please appreciate the effort with a standing ovation ;)..In a nutshell (For those Illiterate in Italianoo ;)) , I am back! Back to work..Back to monotony..Back to Da grind..Watever. I was actually “on and off” on vacation for the past 2 weeks. So even during the “off” periods when I came to work, the vacation mode in my brain was switched ON and I never managed to do anything much. And during the “on” periods,I stayed home most of the time on the laptop doing pretty much the same things I do at work i.e.YM, Gtalk, Orkut, Mails, Checking the pathetic “hit count” on my blog :(.. bla bla..and Today after 16 days of almost total non-workingness, I thought I’ll be Ms.Bhurkaholix (Thank You Sud for giving me this precious name ;)) but THEN as FATE would have it, My bosses AND my project partner are ALL on vacation. So this behaviour (blogging from work) is sorta a RiGHT and is expected from me (Not that I need this excuse! :D).

SO let me begin my Woh 7*2 + 2 Din (ahem ..;) ) saga here.The theme of this vacation was my brother’s Engagement.My first stop was at Mumbai where the usual “boy meets girl” routine took place..I was under a lot of pressure , since I had personally stamped my approval on “the girl” last month (and Noone else from my family had seen her before) and was Prayin that my brother likes her too :)..Without getting into the more boring details, final outcome was that they got along like a house on fire inside a sea of oil (Wow..I like My analogies!!! Standing Ovation requiredd again).Boy liked Girl..Girl Liked Boy..Engagement date was set to 12th July.

So flew back to base camp (which is Bangalore) and a day later, decided to give a little visit to “GOD” at Tirupathi. Climbed the hill(Supposed to be 7 hills!) this time.Yes i know..My bhaktiz really “overflowing” isnt it? The first 1000 steps were Really strenuous and I stopped at every small temple on the way..Obviously to pray. Although my brother claimed I was using it as an excuse for taking rest! That buggerr..What blasphemy ! hmmph. By the end of our climb (took some 3 hours), I had a footache, a calf ache and a thigh ache.Did I leave out any part of The leg?? Ofcourse All this meant nothing in front of ..ahem..Lord Balaji (So at the risk of sounding demanding I say, Allll my wishes Bettter come true..:D)

Got back to base camp by bus eating the ghee filled drool-worthy tirupathi ladooss on the way.Slurppp..Left for Chennai after a 2 day “break” for the actual Engagement ceremony. The moment I landed there, a very conspicuous ugly pimple popped up on my face.It was really tragic believe me..Imagine, Just a day before hordes of relatives come to see who’s wearing what and whose looking good. Sob..sob..From that time, all I could Notice in my face was that pimple!!! Ughh..Leaving aside that tragedy, a funny incident occured. We had some time in hand and decided to visit Marina beach. It has a sandy stretch of probably 3/4th a km before the sea waves start.So all of us slowly trudged towards the water and JUST as I was about to get ONE foot into the water, It started Pouringg like mad! Although i still managed to get ONE foot wet in the waves..But I mean, WHY USS??? Why couldnt it pour 5 min later!!! grrr..so there we were stranded without any shelter and the rain just got heavier. We tried to run back to the car, but in those 10 minutes we were drenched to the Bone! Funnier thing was, we started driving away and 5 minutes later It stopped raining and I could actually see the BLUE in the skyy..Grrrrr. Its Interesting how “fate” favours us at all times ๐Ÿ˜›

Then came the engagement ceremony which went off quite welll although me and my mom were almost the last to arrive at the function! Takes time to wear that Loooong piece of clothing (also known as “Sari”).

Here’s a pic of Moi Formally welcoming “Da Bhabhi” ๐Ÿ˜€

Welcoming Sweta..

A lot of hurry burry, Hi-byes, recieving and returning compliments, a Million “Whens YOUR Engagement” queries (its getting irritating how many times I get asked this..and in EVERY marriage I attend! Aargh) Oh and inbetween all this, my brother and sweta got “successfully” engaged..hehe..Yayy..Hurrayy..The rest of my vacation was quite uneventful (unless You call hogging 14 hours a day an event!) Most of it was spent in front of my laptop. All the good food I’ve had and the sweets and the dry fruits I hog day in and day out combined with the Lethargy of my ass has sadly resulted in even my mom (maaaa ) calling me fat!( Et Tu MoMmus ..sighh)..Why am I such a pig..

After some 8 hours of attempting to write this post (Pls remember that whole 5 second attention span thngy), I am finally signing off for the day.

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6 responses to “Di Nuovo A Noia

  1. haha…why is it that a pimple comes only when you’re about to attend a big party or a function….maybe theres an excitement detector or something….why cant they let us be happyyyy :D…..man im drooling thinking about the laddoos

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