Make Way For Da Prophesy – WC 2006

We are 4 games into the knockout stages. SO we have Germany playing Argentina which I think is going to be a magnificent game..And England vs Portugal (I think the Portugese played really well and bad luck for Holland!) in the Quarter Finals

Portugal Celebrate
Anyways I’ve taken it upon myself to predict the outcomes of the rest of the matches .. Soo here comes my Prophesy

Game FIVE : Italy Vs Australia – ITALY (Yayy got this one right, although Italy did not really deserve to win!!)

Game SIX : Switzerland Vs Ukraine – SWITZERLAND (Sighh, 50% wrong prediction till now 😦!)

Game SEVEN : Brazil Vs Ghana – BRAZIL – Somewhat Obvious I spose

Game EIGHT : Spain Vs France – SPAIN – Wrong Again! ..But Yayy For FRANCE 😀

QuarterFinals ONE : Germany Vs Argentinaa – I was truly torn between them but I have decided to go with GERMANY !!!

QuarterFinals TWO : Italy Vs Ukraine – ITALY – Yayyyyyy

QuarterFinals THREE : England Vs Portugal – PORTUGAL – Yayyyyy

QuarterFinals FOUR : Brazil Vs Spain – BRAZIL – Coughh Coughh..well 3/4 Aint all that bad!

SemiFinals One : GER Vs Italy – GER

SemiFinals Two : France Vs Portugal – PORTUGAL

Finals =====> GER Vs POR – GERMANYYY (Woww..100% wrong predictions..Am I great or wat?? Achieving 100% perfection in ANYTHING is an art ..hmpphhh)

So FRANCE Vs ITALY It is.. I should Be going with France considering my “soft corner” for them ..Although ever since I decided I’m goin to shift camps, they’ve been playing really well..And I dont want them to lose by supporting them ( I am Jinxed If you havent noticed 😉 ) So I am at a loss here..

Argentina acknowledging their fans

Okay so signing off for now, crossing my fingerssss and toes and anything else that can be crossed!!


3 responses to “Make Way For Da Prophesy – WC 2006

  1. stupid..hahhaa…..even portugal lost…talk abt propechy….hehehe…awww…wogay wogay….next time..before making such predictions….take advice from yours truly..hehe….after all…im the one who makes sexy predictions for EVERYONE but myself..grrrrrrrrr

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