Trek Near Ooty

Alrite folks, I have finally gotten over my trek hangover! And it is SUNDAY with nothing else to do, so here I am updating my blog.

I had gone to Kodanaadu, some 49km off Ooty with the BMC( . We were around 37 people, 3 Tempo Travellers and a whole lot of expectations.

Neways Ooty is one of the most amazingg places I’ve ever seen(although I really havent seen that many places :D)..It is about 2200 meters above sea level.We stopped for breakfast there and proceeded to Kodanadu(which is situated at a much higher level than ooty..dunno the exact figures though)..The scenery and the weather was soo breathtaking, that in a very dog-like fashion, I was jutting my head out of the window , just breathing in all that fresh air , the cool air hitting my face and taking in the wonderful view.It was soooo greeen, coool, cloudyy and captivated each ONE of my senses! Felt like buying a ‘farm house’ right on the pasture there..(the feeling passed quickly after realising I’m pretty broke!! :))

So here’s a quick summary of the trek.. Day 1, we couldn’t trek since we reached the starting point by 3 pm plus the whole “Change of Migratory pattern of Elephant” thingy. We ended up walking around the tea plantations, taking snaps and talking with the tea-pickers . After which we reached the guest house ( which was VERY impressive , clean and well maintained ! I was expecting a run-down shack )

Oh here’z the INVITING entrance to the guest house (Note the SKULL below the Wonderfully painted board 😉 Oh and wow Sunlight drifting through the trees and all..Never realised I’m such a good photographer! :D)

Inviting Entrance huh!

We wiled away our time in the evening playing Dumb Charades. I dont want to boast, BUT I was really on fire that day, I was getting even the more “obscure” ones right…(Yuppp..Every Dog has His day 😉 )

Day 2 — It was 9 am by the time we could get everyone together( Although we were supposed to start at 7:00!) I was asusual bent on being in the front or atleast with the group in the front.I dont know what gets into me in these treks, I usually want to be the First to reach. This urge to “show-off” my stamina( Which is a joke believe me!!) overcomes me and I am running paying no heed to the scorching sun or my trembling thighs! We were desperate to spot animals ( atleast those Migrating elephants!) since we were all excited reading Tarsh’s mail on the big list of animals which were supposed to be roaming around in those forests. But All we spotted was Elephant Shitt – little shit , scattered shit , grouped shit, fresh shit , dried up shit ..Hahha..I now pronounce myself an expert in distinguishing between cow/bison and elephant shit..alrite, enough of all this crappy talk..

Anyways, bottomline is we din’t spot any animals while trekking and that I was frigging tired at the end of all the running. After the trek and the 2 km walk from the “guest house”, I had my first “coracle” ride (those round boat thingies). We had a 2 hour ride across the “jungle” in our TT’s and we managed to spot quite a few animals(Finallllllyyy no more “shit” 😉 — wild rabbits (5-6 of them!), a porcuppine (which was so adorable since it was moving Zig zag on the road before us), several bisons (or Indian Gaurs)..Thankfully we were in the first Tempo traveller so were able to spot the animals before scaring them away ;)..After all this excitement, I got up after a restless sleep (I dont think I slept for more than 30 minutes at any stage!) wondering why I was such an idiot and kept running to finish the trek..My whole body was aching in parts I had no idea even existed! Sigh..but a great experience nevertheless(I should Mention the fact that I love the feeling of pain after a “workout”..I always seem to imagine that the “painful regions” will miraculously get toned up and will lose all that flab :D) Can’t wait for the next trek!!

Herez a “sample” pic :)..Where do we see such greeeeenery??!

Sample Ooty Pic
So here are some links to Pics I and the other trekkers took :D..(I’m assuming You are also pretty jobless and pasting 3-4 links! 🙂 )

Pics frm MY cameraa (Ya I know It looks like only Me and Shakthi have trekked!)

Dileep’s Pics ( These Pics are just amazinggg !!)

PJ’s pics

Kiran’s Album

I think that should suffice to waste pretty much all your time 😀


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  1. Hi
    It seems you have enjoyed the Ooty trip very much. I am also working in a software company and also leading the adventure and travel club in our company.
    We are planning to go for a trekking in somewhere in ooty in months time.
    If you can give some useful information about how to go there and the accomodation etc it would be useful for us in planning.
    Please mail me at /

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