World Cup 2006 – I’m Shifting Camps!

Okay before I get more comments on how France sucks, I’ve decided to shift camp! After watching France’s insipid performance against Switzerland yesterday and after I saw Thierry Henry’s frustrating non-ability to convert Zidanez passes(I swear he plays MUCH better with Arsenal!)..I’ve decided that Henceforth, I’ll be rooting for Czech Republic.. (Whaat? This is a natural and ahem ..common occurance D ..hmpphh)

Czech vs USA

I derived sooooo much pleasure seeing them butcher the US 3 – 0 !! Yayyyyyyyy :D..Soo here’s My NEW heroo…Tomas Rosicky ..and Oh Yaaa He’s going to be playing for Arsenal Too!! What JOYY…

. Rosicky Rocks

Here’s one more really cool World Cup link 🙂 (Plus I really dont have anything to Say Yet)


7 responses to “World Cup 2006 – I’m Shifting Camps!

  1. sorry germany….ya saw the spain matxh..they were really quik… 2day is tnt vs england dats gonna be very intrstn…who do u bak

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