Time for FOooooootbaaaaallllll


Here We GOO ..Ale Ale Alee..Yayyyy!! FIFA world cup started Yday..The Opening Match , Germany Vs Costa Rica saw a shower of goals! The Germans won 4-2 with Budday boy Klose netting 2 of those 4! Apparently its one of the Highest scoring "opening" matches in modern soccer history 🙂

Here's the link for the Schedule – World Cup Schedule for INDIA. I do wish the matches started earlier..My sleep is ahem, precious to mee and its so difficult to keep those eyes open after 10:30! 😦 Sighh

AnyHoww, I am going to be rooting for France this time round. I've always had this "soft corner" for everything french..(including French Fries ..aarghh.. Ok ok I know that was a bad PJ 😀)..I fantasize about Paris(the City!), I love The french Language and Its got Thierry Henry (I am a Gunner fan! :D)

Although (As Sindhu said) it would have been easier to sing that Vengaboyz numbeer for Brazil..(Braaazilllll..laa la la lalalala laaaaaaaa..hehe) ..Sighh..Just need to find another song for them..


Herez some not-so-useful trivia on the World Cup (Yeah, I've sorta decided to become "informative" once in a while! 😀 )

  • German radio station SWR1 has produced this gem.Germany won the World Cup in 54 and 74. Multiply these two numbers together and you come up with 3996. The last World Cup that Germany won was 1990. Subtract 1990 from 3996 and you get 2006. So purely mathematically Germany will win this year………….
  • Booted Out of Play
    India refused to play in the 1950 World Cup because FIFA told the players they would have to play in soccer boots (cleats), rather than barefoot. (* I was surprised they qualified for the 1950 World Cup!! *)
  • Arsenal and Chelsea with 16 players each, top the clubs sending players from their squad to Germany ( * Go ARSENALLL* )
  • The only person to have played both World Cup Football and Wolrd Cup cricket is Viv Richards – Antigua at football and West Indies at cricket (* Wow!! *)
  • Shirt swapping was once officially prohibited in 1986 because FIFA did not want players to 'bare their chests' on the field.(* Thank God Its not anymore, what will happen to all the GIRLS watching the sport ;)*)
  • World Cup Winners (by country)
    • Brazil 5
    • Italy 3
    • Germany (West) 3
    • Uruguay 2
    • Argentina 2
    • England 1
    • France 1

Here's the official Link for the FIFA WOrld Cup


4 responses to “Time for FOooooootbaaaaallllll

  1. back braazil..thoh they playd dismally yestday…kaka is the new god…thoh i feel drogba has ben the best till now

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