So..What Next ??

Okay so it seems that even starving/striking/dying medicos are having no effect and we all will agree that starving/striking/dying Engineers will not make an ounce of difference to the government (Its depressing yeah but We should get Real ! Sighh) . So what do you think can be done which will make the government FEEL our wrath?? Here's MY idea. Lets all just stop paying tax! Yeah thats right. Why should we obey rules and Give them money when they are clearly doing something so preposterous.And just to show that we are not doing it for our "selfish" benefit, we can "publicly' donate it to a charity/do some good for our society. It needs "mass-cooperation" to make a dent in the government "treasury"! Any takers for my idea? 😉 ..Ofcourse my friends seem to think that ultimately this issue will die off and I shall be Happillyy rotting in Jail and Alonee!! * Yayyy *

    Oooohh We were discussing some other ideas too. I wanted all countries to boycott us (like SouthAfrica was during the "Apartheid' issue..We are also facing some serious discrimination / human rights violation dont you think??;) ) but then who am I kidding ..Who is going to CARE whether we develop or not?

    Sindhu wanted Amreeeka to impose sanctions on us :).(It seems to be doing it to all other nations in any case!)

    Anyways I was wondering WHAT would get the US interested in this..So I figured..We should threaten them that we'll "bomb" the US ..naah not with Missiless ..but with Indiann Students..(now that so many are dissatisfied, I am sure e'one will start going there for Undergrad too..By Hook or By Crook ..By Air or By Water ..* Heee haaa haaa a( Evil Laughterr ) *

    Hmm so See this and get more depresshedd.. sighh.. Reservation Issue Settled


3 responses to “So..What Next ??

  1. Yeah!!!!! Send them to the US……one huge line of reserved classes in the visa office………..if Indians were the reason of the foundation of the silicon valley it might as well be the destruction as well…..WHY SHOULD ONLY INDIA SUFFER!!!!!

  2. Guess what…the Indians here r getting the Stanford President to write a letter to the PM. Earlier, smthing of this sort had happened in Iran & the students of Iran had asked him to do this. worked these guys r also trying it..And even the Presidents of other ivy-league univs r riting in…
    And yeah…that not it…apparently sm protest rallies took place in the Bay area too ..they r trying to make Silicon valley aware of it! And we hv sm protests here onStanford this weekend..God knows if it makes a shit of a difference nemore.,.but its happening neway!

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