Who wants to Butcher the HRD Minister ??? Raise your hands !

The debate and the discussions have been done to death by now But I came across this brilliant piece of interview

Arjun Singh Getting Battered By Karan Thapar

May I add, I've just about fallen in love with Karan Thapar!!! Arjun Singh really NEEDed someone like him to do that!But know what, If he is as thickheaded to propose the whole reservations thingy, then he might probably not UNDERSTAND that he got screwed!!!

Everyday we (that would be either Sindhu and Me or Sudeep and Me) discuss the "Reservations" issue till our blood boils ,veins burst and head explodes. We have discussed every possible way of "getting rid" of these insane , despicable creatures (aka OUr beloved minishters) right from leaving them to starve in a parched desert , to making them stand in a line and shoooting every one of them( I am with Rang De Basanti on THIS issue!) , to kidnapping them and Threatening them to go on vacation to Hawaii forever (Believe ME, their doing NOTHING is akin to quite a bit of progress for our nation!)

I fail to understand how educated people , today's generation, can rally FOR reservations?? I heard one of the girls in this pro-quota rally saying " Forward Caste people have dominated us since Time Immemorial!"| How can someone who is educated , make such a biased and non-factual statement? Why bring in castes at all or as some idiot said "Forward castes have 73% reservation in this country!!!"

Somebodyyy Just Shoot Meee…

Have they become as myopic as the vote-hungry , money-crazy politicians?? How can they NOT see that reservations can only do harm? People should analyse WHY they are not able to compete on the same platform. If there werent enough schools , then building SChools is an answer. If there was no electricity and you could never study because of that, then Providing electricity is the answer. Reservations is merely a shortcut which is never going to take them forward in life.It was only a temporary stand suggested by the Mandal Commission some 20 years back, (infact Mr. V.P Singh ,another guy who I would LOVE to butcher, gave a totally different colour to the Mandal Commission in 1990) Reservations were meant to be "reduced" as the years went by and infrastructure at the primary levels were to be improved and there were many more "sensible" suggestions.But then what can you expect out of people who buy their votes and are all meant to be in Jail!

I have only one phrase which I keep repeating " Our country is Definitely going to the DAAAGS"

I got this awesome forward which I have to quote now

  I think we should have job reservations in all the fields. I
 completely support the PM and all the politicians for promoting this.
 Let's start the reservation with our cricket team. Cricket rules
 should be modified accordingly. The boundary circle should be reduced
 for a reserved player. The four hit by a reserved player should be
 considered as a six and a six hit by a reserved player should be
 counted as 8 runs. A reserved player scoring 60 runs should be
 declared as a century.

We should influence ICC and make rules so that the pace bowlers like
 Shoaib Akhtar should not bowl fast balls to our reserved player.
 Bowlers should bowl maximum speed of 80 kilometer per hour to a
 reserved player. Any delivery above this speed should be made illegal.

Also we should have reservation in Olympics. In the 100 meters race, a
 reserved player should be given a gold medal if he runs 80 meters.


WHoever wrote this is one HELL of a thinker! 🙂 I will vote for him/her ANYDAY

PS: "working" after such discussions is close to impossible..and I cant really be blamed for that 😉

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11 responses to “Who wants to Butcher the HRD Minister ??? Raise your hands !

  1. Well I think one of the main problems is the darkest ends of spectrum that both parties are holed up in. Calling an idea or a proposal absurd , crazy and defying logic simply shows how strongly attached you are to you beliefs that you are not even able to realize that there is another side.

    Think about it. You have never had to go to the corporation schools where its crowded. You have never had to see a drunk father come home and abuse everyone around. Forget the ones with 90%. If you have receieved 60% and another guy from a school deep in the interior of Bihar recieves 59%, who do you think deserves a seat in the nations top engineering colelge.

    I’m sure the human mind is so powerful that it can overcome all these odds and still make it out with top grades. But nations unfortunately are made up of mediocrity and unfortunately the mediocrity levels in your school is starkly different from those in less affluent societies. There are myriad inputs that determine the outcome of a childs education and obviously one cannot make sure all these are the same for everyone. Hoever, what you have to understand is that although they have the same equipment and are playing the same game, their playing field is not as lush as yours.

    I do not know what the percentages are, whether caste is the issue or economic factors. What will be the consequences of a 10% reservation or a 20% reservation. Maybe there are young men and women who will use this oppurtunity to get the best education. Maybe their progress will inspire others, maybe they will reflect hope, hope to a million parents who will then start thinking his kid might have a shot at the future if he goes to school rather than carry stones. Or maybe they will waste the millions of rupees invested on them.

    Instead of bickering about the very idea I’m surprised no one has taken the time out to point out the improvement reservation has or has not achieved so far. What are the numbers we are looking at. Who is going to suffer. Who isnt. You dont need to get all the way to the other side, but do take a walk in the aisle.

  2. I agree with you..Although I am not for “abolition” of reservations, I dont think the basis should be “caste”. I have seen TOO many instances of “weell-to-do” people getting in through reservation and It really bugs me. And what are the statistics which show how much improvement has been made in our society through this neways?? Look at what Arjun Singh knows ..Nothing and He is the one calling for this implementation?? I am all for reservations (the CURRENT percentage) for the “economically weaker” sections of the society. Although I am sure there will always be people misusing the system (and going around it, faking salary slips etc etc), It will definitely do good for some of them atleast. If it does ANY OF the things that you are talking about, then I will be extremely Happy to JOIN the pro-quota bandwagon!

  3. very well written blog! ..though words never seem to be enough to express our angst for this horrendous proposal made. I would like to pose a few questions to mr/ms salyduz (if at all he/she reads this) :

    1>How is he careless enough to suggest that all sc/st/obc candidates who appear for JEE/AIIMS/CAT are penniless living in villages deprived of electricity (with drunken fathers and all) and still perform the feat of scoring some 40% marks?

    2>How is he presumptous enough to think that the general candidate who loses his seat to a reserved candidate cannot have a drunken father!!

    3>Doesn't he think the government should first make moves to abolish these disabilities before directly jumping on to make reservations in the best institutes of the country?

    4>Doesn't he think that these institutes of higher learning have their name and fame only because of the quality of students who enter( i mean the quality determined by the marks of course). Obc/sc/st candidates will not be asked to supply certificates of " have alcoholic father"/"live in deep interior village of bihar" etc. So what prevents the quality from deteriorating? I would also like him to know that the IITs are much more acclaimed for their UG education (JEE being the qualifying exam) than the PG education..how come it is so if only the facilities matter?

    5>About men and women availing this opportunity handed out to them, I have seen many quota students (their families were in fact better-off than most of ours) struggle and barely secure pass marks ,barely secure a job or even fail to do both. In that event, does he imagine what difference it would have made to the general candidate student who is not able to make it just for this reservation policy?

    Reservations are baseless, unless given to those who have disabilties(a caste among oncs,sc,st not being one) barring which they would have scored as much as the person who loses his seat to the beneficiary. Since I think determining such criteria in this country where everything can be faked, is a near-impossibility, i will dismiss this idea of reservation in IITs , IIMs, AIIMS as outright baseless . And it is not because I am pro-upper-castes/anti-backward castes/anti-poor but because I am pro-virtue and pro-justice (whatever is being called social justice is no different from the social injustice borne by lower castes decades ago ..only that this time the victims are the meritorious)

  4. firstly..whats funky about you?? 🙂
    secondly.. completely second all your opinions and the seconded opinions by Sindhu.

    Dear Salyduz,

    Reservations cannot be a solution to get people away from their oppressed state or a drunken father for that matter.. please understand that reservation at an IIT or IIM stage is always .. @ the expense of somebody.. and that is what is so irking!..

    Yes, I agree that it is very likely that a person from a reserved category of society is more likely to face the darker shades of life.. but there are lots of people from the other castes who have had bitter experiences in life too!.. What about them??

    And then should the reservation or whatever, not be at a stage wherein you are grooming a student to be good enough to be in an IIT or an IIM?? ( explicitly speaking the primary schools et al).. instead, this act is making them get back door entries to these hallowed institutes directly and at the expense of deserving students (and when i say deserving i mean meritorios)!.. and that pal is not accepted.. definitely not.

    All the best for everything that you do Salyduz!

    PS: Noicely written C or should I say funky C! 🙂

  5. (arrrgh!!…i wrote a comment…and got an error when i submitted it….grrr) anways …man uve got a mini battle going on here….well.its true wat sud’s saying…no use bickering abt it….i mean they will do wat they wanna at the end of everything..maybe thats why they say u shld vote..hehe…anwyay i wsh we cld shove that bugger to some lonesome island for eternity….and btw did u do…there are so many ppl who get false certificates to prove they are sc/st’s just to get thru the quota?….hehe

  6. WO !!! 50% reservation in IIT and IIM .. yah sorry about that … Its time to chop that Arjun “Sucker” Singh’s head off !!

  7. >> Somebodyyy Just Shoot Meee…
    [unlocking safety catch]

    Just kidding …. Nice blog actually.
    These politicians have worse things up their sleeves – like reservation in private institutions.

    [safety catch on] So that I don’t shoot myself by mistake 🙂

  8. cheru i think this is 2 good!!!

    Manmohan Singh to Bush – We are sending Indians to the moon next year.
    Bush – Wow! How Many?
    Manmohan Singh – 100
    25 – OBC
    25 – SC
    20 – ST
    5 – Handicapped
    5 – Sports Persons
    5 – Terrorist Affected
    5 – Kashmiri Migrants
    9 – Politicians
    and if possible
    1 – Astronnaut

  9. Hi All,
    It is always very easy to preach others than practice within.First of all I must say that I am not here to support the reservartion policy in current form.As C has said that reservation should be there but for "Economically weaker sections" only But I ceratinly I disagree with Sindhu and anyone else who says that reservation curbs the merit.First of all in many premier Institutions,implicit reservation exists and we seem to ignore them.Many universities give admission to students on paid seat,just beacuse they can afford them.That time why no one talks about the merit and tries to stop that.This is also a form of reservation.Reserving a seat against your money and compromosing on merit.

  10. Brahminical theory of evolution
    Merit is genetically inherited
    Evidence: Castes which were meritorious 5000 years ago, continue to be meritorious today.

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