What has the world Come to ?!

Oh speaking of passing time on Sundays, Pramod Mahajan's news had me totally hooked to the TV this weekend. He is one of the few politicians I dont hate.


So I really got to thinking..What kind of depraved soul (Okay I know there are many more and much more depraved souls, but we shall dwell on this one for now) would shoot his own brother just because he is feeling Inferior??!! Whatever built up resentment you might have, lodging 3 bullets in his body is never going to "help" is it?
And in his confession Pravin Mahajan says, "My brother never did anything for me" ! Oh Lordd! From when did people start DEMANDING(forget expecting) money / whatever it is that you need from your family members?? What happened to making you own life? Standing on your own two feet? So what if your sibling is rich and famous?? Its because of HIS own hardwork (or whatever HE did to get there) that he is in that position. What right does someone have to say SHARE IT WITH ME OR ELSE I WILL SHOOT! You cannot claim your right on someone else's earnings Just because he is your brother..

I just feel this whole thing is absurd. I know for a fact that there are thousands out there(thankfully without GUNS!) with richer relatives who think that its the rich relative's DUTY to throw money their way when they want it and that they don't need to feel guilty about receiving it! That is one of the things which really irritates the helll out of me – People who think that they dont NEED to work for their money, when they have richer relatives around! *Arrgghh*..

There is probably (infact I am Hoping there is) a more "sinister" reason behind why Pravin Mahajan shot his brother, so lets just wait and see.
PS : The reason I hyperventilated today is probably more to do with the whole theme (U know what I was talkin abt and getting irritated with..) than this piece of news itself. (A sort of justification for my brother's "So What" ;))

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6 responses to “What has the world Come to ?!

  1. how abt “demanding” sthng from frnds who have been working for past 2 yrs 🙂
    hope u get the idea..
    btw, wanna plan a trip from bangy to some nearby hill station or sthng.. I can come over.. we can get a group of ppl .. ny ideas? can u get 3-4 days off?

  2. does prabh actually read the blog post before writing a comment…. how is this comment newhere related to pramod mahajan being shot 😉

  3. I know.. rarely do ppl really grieve for the death of a politician. This is atrocious. I too, though not hoping so, am looking fwd to some more sinister reasons behind Pramod’s killing (assassination?)

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