Someone More Bored than Me!! ;)

Sunday..Sunday..What does it mean to you ?? For some it must be recuperating from a Saturday Nite party hangover , for others it must mean spending "quality" time with family and for some others it might be JUST ANOTHER DAY of the week at work.For me, its the day I force myself to get so bored that I actually look forward to Mondays..Yup! Sundays are meant exclusively for staying at home and doing nothing. Usually My life usually revolves around work and television, but on sunday its something much more "cooler" 😉 .

My routine goes something like this..

9:00 am – wake up ; 9:30 am – breakfast

9:45 – 12:00 – watch tv ; 12:00 am – lunch

12:15 – 3:30pm – watch tv ;

3:30 – 4:00 – to add some spice , I roast peanuts(*slurpp*)

4:00 – 4:05 – eat peanuts (*Sigh* they always seem to get over so fast 😦 )

4:05 – 7:30 – watch tv ;

You get the drift, dont you. I do manage to ,in between, read 5-6 pages of one of the million books that I have started but never managed to finish .And also manage to get that occasional lecture from my parents all the way in Saudi Arabia (thanks to GOOGLE TALK! :P) and ofcourse the chats with other bored souls online( usually my colleague Pravash or Suddy :)) So anyways by the end of the day I am sOooooo bored that i go to sleep at 9:30 HOPING Monday comes fast enough! Isnt it a great technique to get you over those Monday Blues?? 😉 You might think "What a loser",but I am doing this by CHOICE ..Really! *Ahemmm…Hmmphh*

See, It does happen on some rare sundays that I have too many things to do but then I never feel like I've had that weekend break and the entire week after that becomes an unbearable drudgery! So YAYYYY to Boredom on Sundays 😀

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4 responses to “Sunday!

  1. awww… refer to my comment on ur next post.. lets get this stupid bug of boredom away.. 2 yrs its been!!… and after this i wont get time for nythng except menial labor at work.

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