One Night At A Call Center

One Night at a call center promises in its back cover to be much more than just a ’’night’’.Its the night when ’’GOD’’ calls in and bla blaa. So it builds in you this thirst for an intellectual dialogue, okay even if not “intellectual” then atleast NOT Moronic.Hence believe me when I tell you, its an extremely frustrating and disappointing experience reading this book.

The part where ’’god’’ calls lasts for exactly half a page and the call doesnt even come in at the “Call Center” ! Its more of a Mills and Boons novel with the main story revolving around a boy and his ex-girlfriend for whom he still has feelings (Yayyy!). Its not about a “night” at the call center really.Its a detailed description of all the “DATES” this protagonist goes on with his ex-girlfriend.If i remember correctly, even the chapters (not misleadingly) are named as “date number 1 .with Priyanka” !! (Sob! Wail! BURP)
I was expecting a stronger story line and a somewhat more intellectually appealing conversation between God and the 6 characters But it proves to be extremelyy insipid. I wish I could rewrite this story, the way it should really have been written.It seems to be written for an audience whose mental age is not beyond 13!

Chetan bhagat has a long way to go before he can be called a good writer. I do appreciate his attempts at humour but all-things said,I wish I hadnt taken the book up with so many expectations.

Rating : 5/10 (2 for his humour and 3 for making the book quite short .Thank you god for that!)


One response to “One Night At A Call Center

  1. Good start with the blog, dudette! I think Bhagat lost his way totally in the 2nd part of the book and the ending was unbelievably crappy! I nvr went in expecting an “intellectual” conversation with God (else won’t hv started the book!), so not at all disappointed on that front. bhagat’s style of writing is so similar to many of these ToI reporters who keep creating fictional characters, exaggerating & adding spice to make it sound “real”.

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