A “forced” holiday!

I am not usually the type to grudge holidays, but when you are “forced” to sit at home and do nothing because of some brainless morons, then it gets reallly irritating.

To make the “situation” clearer – an actor with a lot of clout ( as I see now), Dr.Rajkumar, passed away yesterday afternoon, not by any means a murky affair. He was old and had a heart failure.Simple! (and peace be on his soul! ahem)

With all due respect to Dr.Rajkumar, I believe this sort of paying “homage” is totally unwarranted and ridiculous.You can’t expect anyone to believe that burning buses, closing shops and stoning people constitutes mourning! Its just simply and amazingly stupid. I don’t think he received so much “adulation” and fan support when he was living. I just can’t come to terms with their feelings.What could it possibly be? I am sad, so lets throw everyone else’s life out of balance too! And from the TV footage I saw , none of them looked even remotely sad. Infact, they looked happy to have an excuse to show off their hooliganism! Those BUggerss!! So nehow, this is how I come to be like this – totally “velaa” , without a thing to do, cant go outside cuz everything’s been shut down , all the channels are off-air too (except for news which I cant really watch for more than 10 min!) and to top it all, my ” unforced holiday” tommorow has been snatched away from me! Aarrghh..Boneheaded Nincompoopps..I have an even more vindictive vocabulary hiding inside mee, but shalll not let it out, due to my concern for public innocence! 😀

VIOLENCE: A mob of people overturns a police car after hearing news of the death of veteran Indian film actor Rajkumar in the southern Indian city of Bangalore on April 12.(reuter)

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2 responses to “A “forced” holiday!

  1. u know gurl….sometimes the families of such ppl purposely pay ppl to create unrest in the city…to show that their relative who died was soo much of a liked guy…but i understand ur frustration….:)

  2. Oh well.. the insiders really know why all this happened. You see, none of those damned riot-mongers were really Bangaloreans. I am told they were ‘smuggled’ in from various parts of the state, just to create chaos. Somone should have burnt down all the people who set fire to the bus, that would have been a statement. Even IISc was not spared. In fact, a policeman from the road jumped inside to protect himself. Rocks (not stones) were being hurled by those idiots. Microsoft Research (Scientia building), Hyundai were all devastated. Strand Life Sciences was gifted with a garlanded poster of Rajkumar kinda eclipsing their own company’s name (right on their banner). Every damn thing is politically motivated. There were calls to dissolve the govt bcoz they did not handle the issue well. People were purportedly angry bcoz their idol’s body was kept without proper treatment for a while, in whatever ground. Damn it. PPl do anything to come to power or trouble an existing govt. Time more ppl voted for Paritrana.
    p.s. My brother-in-law who works for IBM UK had a very embarrassing time explaining why B’lore went on holiday cancelling important e-meetings, to the rest of his colleagues!

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