I was finally able to catch this one on Star Movies Y'day and it drove me mad!! An amazing movie with two of the sexiest men ever..You cant miss this one!

I do have a "softer" corner for Johnny Depp..Sighh..I think a Pirate's role "suits" him soo welll..He was sooo convincinggg ..and his character was just awesome..I love the scene where Will Turner and Capt Jack Sparrow engage in a duel!

I have been soo enamoured with this movie that I've just set one of its posters as my wallpaper! Slurppp..Droool.. Cant stop staring at it..Okay so after 2 hours , 20 websites and 200 clicks , I've found out ..sadly..sighh..that Johnny Depp is 43 years old..(Waill!!! sob!! ) but then wait..Age doesnt really matter does it!! :D.and that Orlando Bloom is still single and has a dog named Sidi (Yayyy..Now that I know THIS piece of info, Life got so much simplerrr :p) andd his Favorite Type of Girls: "Nice, sweet girls." (ahem..so do i fall into THAT category? hmmmm ..shud open up a poll here!) Phew and after all that info, I ended up playing a game of cards called WARRR on the official site, the whole treasure hunt thingy again in the official site and I even took the "Which Pirates of the Caribbean Character Are you" Quiz.Turns out I am..ahem..well Elizabeth Swan(I swear I dint cheat! :D) Ayee , No complaints there Mate! 😉

Ahemm..I've always considered myself quite the THOROUGH Researcher ..What Say?? 😉

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5 responses to “Piratess..Sighhh

  1. haha.. they are “two of the sexiest men ever” alright! but i mostly didnt like the first movie. but after reading this im watching this movie anyway. 😀

  2. hey did you catch the first part or the second part? the first part is awesome man…..the tv here sucks……theyre showing episodes earlier than what we saw in india last year….and ads are so hilariously stupid…..all of them are in the same format with the same people trying very hard to act and not succeeding …. chimpanzees in their infancy would be able to whip up better ads than these….

  3. I am still unsure as to where I am sposed to reply to my comments..hehe..so Joyiii how cud you Not like the movie??? It was soo funny!! and Johnny depp..slurpppp ..:D.. okay mebbe now i know why i like it SOOO much! :)..and Sud..i liked ALLLL parts of the movie..i did miss out on mebbe the first 20 min 😦 ..have decided to buy the DVD :).

  4. Nice Review, dude! loved the movie myself… brilliant ! ..btw, now that the top 2 positions are taken, I blv I am eligilbe for the 3rd most……. rite? 🙂

    keep writing.. how abt reviewing some nice book.. am reading the Kite-Runner these days..

  5. ahem..that wsnt much of a “review” really..but thanks prabh 😀 hehe..And yes after writin such nice comments you are number … 3 …thousand…and.3.;) awww..

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