Would I ???

I feel I do have this itsy bit of patriotism hidden somewhere in my body.Becuz everytime I watch a movie like Rang De basanti/Yuva/Swades, I have this incredible urge to runn and enrol myself in the ARMY or become an IAS or become the next great leader of India who will remove corruption and reform hamara bharath! ahemm.. But well, the feeling sorta fades into a more obscure corner in a while.:( I loved Rang De Basanti for that reason , that these guys are as cynical as you and me but then in the end they stand up for what they believe in. It might have been a “personal” grudge that they had against the “defence” minister, but they were ready to fight for that (Even I found the end a bit extreme , but you get the message nehow!) ..

This led me to a different train of thought. Would I have fought for India’s independence if I was born in that era?? I mean, if I take into account my present temperament and “inaction”, then (although I hate to admit it!) probably not. I can almost imagine what it would have been like. Here I am, not bothering to do a thing about my country although I rant and rave about those corrupt ministers and government who is more interested in pilfering our money than DOING any good for us. Back then, this must have been the exact scenario! I would have been ranting and raving my ass off, about the Britishers and about how they have enslaved us and then ultimately would have taken the safe way.Maybe gotten married to a “brahmin” doctor working for the british government! I feel awful about it and console myself that probably if someone close to me was involved in the freedom fight, then I might have too 😀 (yeah I am quite the gullible, easily influenced sorta person!)

I know its difficult to get yourself to DO anything for a country which doesnt offer anything to you except huge open latrines in every corner of the street and potholes in every other inch of the road and officials who take bribes to just do their job..and..i could go on and on.. Infact I am really not much into the whole Ask not what your country can do for you – ask what you can do for your country” thingy. Inspite of this, I feel that we should be “PROUD” to be Indians and for this, we have got to show the world what we can be. I have heard people express surprise at the fact that our country is managing to live on , inspite of the creaking machinery.But we shouldnt just be crawling along our tracks, gasping for air, we should be bolting at the speed of lightning down the highway!!

So in my wistful dreams, I wear a cotton starched sari ( 😉 yeah gotta get the look right you see :D) travellin in ambassador cars with a red light and ,hopefully, with bodyguards 😀 and making a DIFFERENCE.

Sighh..I wish there was someone assertive to tell me , DONT JUST SIT THERE AND WRITE A BLOG, DO SOMETHING!! But well..till thenn…..

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5 responses to “Would I ???

  1. thats what dude….we need an influential leader who’s not self centred and wants to do his utmost for the country and we’ll follow him like dumb sheep……… lets try to inject some heavy duty patriotism into prabhjeet ( do you think he can be generous in this cause ?? )

  2. but…but….what if patriotism is just another manifestation of the desire to satiate ones desire to feel good about themselves and doesnt have anything to do with serving other people.

    How narrow minded and selfish is patriotism- if all you care about is an improvement in your life and an improvement in the way others view your life.

    I dont see selfrighteousness alleiviating the lives of the millions who are starving.

    Often, the farther a hammer is taken from the anvil, the greater the impact.

  3. Well… let’s not talk about influential leaders. Reminds me much about Anniyan, where junta crib that we’ve not had good leaders, good officials, good politicians.. blah.. blah, when they’re thrown the question as to why India’s not progressed enough. My take on that is similar to Anniyan’s, that the starting point for any progress (like “Charity begins at home”) is at the individual level. Perfect yourself to start with – stop littering the streets, stop paying bribes, stop breaking rules. Then, try to see if you can take it to a higher level.. like Paritrana. Can you get a group of individuals who want to make a difference. I’ve had any number of such discussions with my friends, just trying to pen some of the points down now.

    As for movies, the best of this genre, is — “Unnal Mudiyum Thambi”. No violence. No crap. Just plain sense. Kind of the Gandhian way of sacrifice and hardwork. But can work. I think the best possible way to go about is to start at some villages… smaller the better. Can we get them to make their livelihoods. Can we raise their literacy levels? Can we get them to stop thinking about castes and caste politics and voting for idiots?

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