My Fantasy!!

Yup you guessed it right ..I fantasizee aboutt… …..tadaaaa… "Dessertss"!! I actually "dream" or should I say "fantasize" about them and even set it as my wallpaper.Gosh just talking about it has me drrooolingg all over..

I just saw Sud's post( and got inspired to put more pics which I can salivate over..slurpp…I remember watching "Chocolat"..Those delicacies the lady (I dont remember her name..Chocolates are veryy distracting!) made in the movie drove me absolutely insaneee..I couldnt sleep for 2 days after watching it ;)..Slurppppppppp is all I can say now..more elaborate words refuse to come out at this stage..

Was looking at some "dessert" pics and They captivated me in no time and had me chanting " WANT ITT.WANT IT NOWW!"

Slurpppp…god why did you not make me skinnyyyy!!

Ohh Here's an "excerpt" of the chat I had with Sud discussing dessertss ;)..

sud: or we build machines
sud: you exercise for 10 minutes a chocolate pops out
sud: you exercise for 40 minutes u get a pastry
funkycharu: :))
funkycharu: how bout..smthing which looks like dessert..tastes like dessert
funkycharu: but is actuallyy..a fruit or something calorieless..sigh
sud: or why dont u drink water
funkycharu: :p
funkycharu: go away

sud: and we hav a virtual reality machine
sud: which will program ure mind taht ure eating a huge piece of chocolate cake
sud: thatll be my phd thesis topic
funkycharu: Yeahhhhhh
funkycharu: oh god
funkycharu: u are a geniussssss!!!
funkycharu: 😡 sigghhhh
sud: choconeurology
sud: to model the behaviour of chocolate on nerve cells and reproduce that behaviour with external "non fattening" stimuli

Isnt this Guy awesomee??? Go get your PHD SOOON Sudd!! 😉

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6 responses to “My Fantasy!!

  1. heyyy… u publicizing my “great” idea to the world…. i was gonna split 50-50 with ya…… now lets hope someone reading ure blog doesnt steal it 😉

  2. SLURRRRRPPPPP!!!!…and sud….ure idea reminds me of matrix man…..where ure really not eating..but ure brain is made to feel that…..sigh….so much for original..:P…hahahaha

  3. Hmm.. to quote from the matrix… “I know this is not really tasty, but I am supposed to think so”.. Oh I see there’s already a matrix related quote…

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