Indian Idol – BLECHHhh

The “BLecchh” was to make sure you guys dint think I even Remotely llike this show! After watching it “by mishtake” due to the lack of anything better to do, All i wanted to do was pull my hair (not to mention shut my eyes AND ears tightly) and runnn to the other side of the world!! What a pathetic show and why do we Indians not look at the quality of singers and vote? Why is “region”/”language” soo important that we become blind to the horrendouss singing voices that has been chosen now? Ewww….I’ve actually started enjoyin American Idol these days.The quality of singers is wayyyy better and some of them are “true” stars.Dont even get me started on the “personality” of our very own Indian idols..pukee..pukee..okay Gotta stopp before i belch some moree!

Oooooh I was just googlingg for some more “stupid” info I can put on Indian Idol and found this hilariously moronic post by some idiot in some idiotic forum

“He is and mean. I hate Amit Tandon. He sucks at acting. I hope that Neha Bamb stops liking him. He has nooooooooo style at all. He does not know how to sing at all. I am glad he did not get Indian Idol. Amit is evil. He got between Iqbal and Neha and that is why I hate him.”

Only slightly relatedd to indian idol ..but stilll do people like this actually exist???!!!


2 responses to “Indian Idol – BLECHHhh

  1. So, you too suffered this trauma? Almost all the shows which are like this are bad. Indian Idol, Saregamapa, etc… all have become boring now. I guess the only solution for this is to stop watching these channels.

  2. Hey Yeah i had to suffer itt..although i had all this venom built up inside me against this whole Indian Idol, not much of it came out through this this is actually nothing..;)….

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