Whenever I am dead bored at work, I turn to google for entertainment and believe me It has never failed loves googlesss . I have done some “weird” searches out there..Some of the more notable ones are (believe me,I’ve copied it right from my history!)

“how to make a lot of money without doing much” (Sigh..If only google had given me a good answer to this one!)

“how to kick start a scooter” (not of much help here either.Cant believe noone thought of writing instructions for this:D!)

“best looking guy in the world” (ahem.ahemm..)

“Doggie Words” (ok I dont remember Why I needed this one..:-/)

“0.25 + Do I need to wear glasses” (Yup..who needs to go to an Optician when google is around ;))

“Resume + Bill Gates” (Needed to know what to put in my resume to get where HE is..Sighhh)

“Funny + Resignation Letters” (Want to give my boss a good laugh atleast when I’m leaving!!)

“I hate Indian Idol” (I tried to use this string for the last post..sadly not many sites 😦 )
Ofcourse I have tried several times to search for my own name..Thankfully, there’s an actress here with the same name.

I can always call it a little part-time jobb.ahemmm..

This was good time pass too.Going over each and every search term I’ve ever used!!

I told You google rocks dint i ???!

Oh and check this out..(if u like soccer)


3 responses to “Googlee

  1. 🙂 nice work dudette!!.. keep them coming. and u can acknowledge urs truly for inspiring u smtime back to start blogging 😛

  2. Bummmmm…din’t know u started riting blog n all…hahahaa…me n uday laughed r asses off reading the google post..!

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