Top Ten Authors in MY list

I thot I’ll compile a list of 10 authors who have bowled me over but LET ME see how many of them I can really find (this is not necessarily in this order)
1. P G Wodehouse – I have read and reread his books so many times and they still manage to make me laugh, that too quite loudly! Be it the ’’JEEVES’’ series or the Blandings series (and the prize Winning Pig!), All of them are amazingly witty. An author you should not miss

2. JRR Tolkien – Needs no introduction. The LORD of the RINGS is a class apart .I have always been amazed by this guy’s imagination and his ability to create a Fantasy world So well

3. Michael Crichton – Although its not in my fav genre(a.ka. Humour/Comedy etc etc), I love his factually correct writing style and his imagination is to die for! State of Fear is the latest book I read and it was unputdownable

4.R.K.Narayan – I havent missed even a single book written by him. Swami and Friends was one of his humorous best while Guide is one of his most griipping tales.

5.Roald Dahl – His Short story collection is amazing especially Tales of the Unexpected . Each tale is different and gripping in its own premise. His book Charlie and the Charlie Factory is a superb read for kids. It sent me on a chocolate binge almost instantly!

6.Arundhati Roy – Her GOD OF SMALL THINGS was written in such a unique style that I was bowled over by her in the first 5 pages!Definitely a writer who will conquer more hearts as time goes by

7.Amongst the classic writers , I like Charles Dickens the best. His ’’DAVID COPPERFIELD’’ is a touching tale filled with drama and takes you on an emotional roller coaster right from pity for poor David whose mother remarries a man who you wouldnt call a “good” father to amusement at a small boy’s thoughts and emotions when he goes for vacation to Peggoty’s house..A truly wonderful Author !

8. I would like to club 2-3 authors in this one. John Grisham, Jeffrey Archer, Sidney Sheldon have never failed to entertain me when I am really bored, sitting at the airport waiting for my flights. I owe a lot to these !

9.Ayn Rand – All her books are centered on Characters who are strong and can stand against society.Fountain Head had Roark , Atlas Shrugged has John Galt AND d’Anconia and a few more . What I love about her books is that, you feel the need to look into yourself and analyse your character and what You’ve been standing for all these years after reading them. Her unique philosophy of ’’objectivism’’ is something I’ve admired all my life

10.Okay I was wrong about being choosy! I can think of So many more authors who fit here! Enid Blyton was my childhood favourite who has in the real sense introduced me to the world of books.Then there’s Mark Twain’s Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Fin. And Who can forget J.K.Rowling who gave us the HAIRY PUTTAR ;).

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